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Discover the cuisine and culture of the maharajas!

Royal Northern India tour

The royal northern India tour will introduce you to the sumptuous food of the maharajas, the moguls and the nawabs. It includes visits to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Lucknow.

The moguls kitchen produces dishes both mild and spicy, with a strong central asian influence, and the aroma and taste of whole and ground spices.

Derived from mogul techniques, the Awadhi cuisine of the nawabs of Lucknow specialises in elaborate dishes such as kebabs, biryanis and kormas, and rich spices, traditionally cooked slowly over a fire.

The Rajasthani cuisine derives from food available in an arid area for a war-like people, influenced by a lack of water and green vegetables. It is also renowned for its snack-food!

As well as learning to prepare many of these dishes, and of course eating them, you will also visit spice markets, old food lanes and other places of gastronomic delight.

You will stay in palace hotels dating back to the days of the Raj, but with modern accommodations: spacious bedroom suites, exotic dining, inviting swimming pools. The many palaces, forts and temples of the region provide an insight to the history and lifestyle, and opportunities abound for purchasing locally crafted goods – silks, fabrics, leather, and all sorts of artefacts.

Rajasthan is an arid region, with a rich history of a proud people, a land of contrasts with splendid palaces alongside the humbler town dwellings. Our first stop was Jaipur - the “pink city”. The central old town buildings are all pink, as decreed by a rajah centuries ago. The culinary highlight here was a vegetarian thali in an ornate place setting, with folk dancing and traditional music. Also a great place to shop for jewelry and leather - I much regret not buying a beautiful chess set at Jaipur fort. The next highlight was Udaipur, with its lakes and palaces. We stayed in a palace hotel overlooking the lake, and had open-air breakfast beside the swimming pool. Dinner was again al-fresco, high on a hillside, with traditional dancers, singers and musicians accompanying an excellent meal. In many ways our tour highlight was our palace stay in Jodhpur - a unique and fascinating hotel - our “rustic” suite featured a circular bedroom. We had a cooking lesson, and learned to cook a local speciality - ker sangri - which is a dried seed pod! Our guide took us to a wonderful shop - actually a huge warehouse crammed with manifold Indian artefacts and wonderful fabrics which thoroughly exercised our wallets - we came away with some beautiful fabrics and a gorgeous statuette. Throughout we enjoyed the famous cuisine of Rajasthan, particularly the ubiquitous laal maas - a delicious goat curry. A great tour, and highly recommended for the food, culture and shopping.
Oscar M.
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